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Who’s Winning?

Hello and welcome to my main website which is dedicated to recruit new partners and help them find resources and inspiration.

My name is Claude LaBadie and I am an information technology professional who decided about 10 year ago that I was much better using my expertise for my own profit instead of selling my services to businesses. Because of my knowledge an resources, building my own information systems based businesses is a pretty well burned in process now. I found that the challenge for me, and for most Internet marketers, is to make customers come to the site, convince them to purchase and especially to keep the business growing as time passes.

That is why I have been studying marketing for the last 7 years. Since at least 5 years I have been testing on-line marketing strategies to pinpoint the most productive techniques and processes for generating revenues with my Internet businesses. Thanks to that I was able to create over 30 profitable Internet businesses which provides me since then with a good living.

Even Internet automated businesses must be managed properly to keep growing

But I want more! And I found out that most of Internet businesses need to be managed on a day-today basis in order to keep growing beyond small profits. We need to help the customers who have questions, special concerns or who need to be reassured that the business is legitimate and attended. I also learned that websites frequently updated with new and relevant information tend to attract more new prospects and repeating visitors.

This made me realize that I need people to help manage communications, promote the services or products and create fresh content. First idea, I hired people to do that. I also had the opportunity to partner with other people wanting to create online businesses but did not have any expertise to do so. With time I found that partners were much more motivated to grow the business than employees working for a salary even if I added participation to profit.

The only one making money is the one selling his (crappy) “Get rich quick” system

On the other hand I have seen a lot people wanting to make a good living on the Internet having to chase the good opportunity they can buy because hey do not have the expertise and the resources to create it themselves. Of course they get abused by all the “wanna get rich quick” guys who sell all kind of scams and incomplete “blueprints” suppose to help make money on the Internet. For having experienced la large number of them, let me save you the trouble. They are not worth it and will only burn out your motivation.

Yes you can make a fortune on the Internet.
No it doesn’t have to be complicated.
But It will require a lot of work or a lot of money and still some work.
I am sorry for the disillusion but that is the truth.

You can succeed too with proper help

That doesn’t mean you can make a lot of money having fun.
Me and my current partners are a living proof that work can be very exciting when it means good feelings with great people.

My point is that you can not have better chances of success with the help of someone:

  1. Who has already done it;
  2. Who has a genuine interest in your success because reaping profits only when you are;
  3. Who knows how to spot a profitable market and address it;
  4. Who is willing to train, support and coach you.

I am that person and I want to work with you.

Are you ready for the real thing?

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