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Is Your Website Speed Costing You A Fortune?

Is your website generating revenues to your satisfaction?

How often do you “play customer” and explore your website like it is someone else’s you might want to buy from?

How fast is your website responding to your actions then?

We know by experience that slow websites don’t sell even if the offer is extraordinary and the traffic is huge and well qualified. Combining some research findings Loadstorm has produced a report which explains how Web Performance Impacts Conversion Rates

Read the artcle Web Performance Impacts Conversion Rates

Web Performance Impacts Conversion Rates

It doesn’t makes sense to save a few dollars with cheap webhosting, even while you are preparing you site. Isn’t your time or even worse the time of the people you pay worth more than the few bucks you save by using cheap, unreliable and slow webhosting service?

Why is investing in a good performance webhosting service a better idea?

  1. Save time and money by making sure to avoid waiting after your site;
  2. Maximize sales by ensuring the fastest possible response time;
  3. Support your advertising investment with great performance even during traffic peaks generated by sucessful campaigns;
  4. Nowadays an optimum performing website setup is really not expensive even if not “cheap”.

Even many large companies do make the costly mistake of underestimating the value of the speed of execution of their sales system. When they invest in large advertising campaigns they often do not verify that their system is able to handle the surge of visitor elegantly.

What happens then?

Many visitors attracted by the ads come to a website that looks frozen or even broken, quit in disgust and never come back. Results are wasted advetising dollars and many lost sales.

If you are serious about doing business you need to consider the performance of your sales system. This is even more important on the Internet where potential is of the charts and prospect patience very limited.

One good entry tool for assessing the basic reliability and performance of your website is a monitoring service like the well known Pingdom or the free service from Port Monitor

Need help for improving your sales? Contact me to learn more.


Outstanding Teachings For How To Make Money On Line

Are you ready to rock?

Making money online is easy once you pick a good strategy and know the step-by-step process to use it to its full power. But where can you get BS free training from someone that is very successful and reliable?

The best source of training I know of  for learning how to make money on line is Webcamp by Armand Morin. He runs quite a number of successful Internet businesses including a series of Internet Marketing information and services websites. You can get a good taste of the quality of material he provide through his high quality Internet Marketing Newsletter.

Webcamp is providing a series on in-depth courses like no other. Each topic is covered through 18 hours of attention grabbing and fun videos, conveniently offered in 90 minutes sessions that will knock your socks off. Each session s a gem on its own, revealing sound and explained strategies with detailed instructions on how to put them in practice for yourself.

Armand doesn’t keep anything from you. He tells it how it is, what is working, what is not and why. Providing you are willing to wait for next Webcamp launch, you can watch the entire new course he launches every two months, for free if you watch live in streaming mode. Personally, I think it is a waste to wait. Time is money and the sooner I got the trainings, the sooner I started implementing some of these powerful strategies and make money from them.

Don’t wait! It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Why 456 Billion Links Failed To Show The real Edge

After analyzing hundreds of billions of links and web pages have indexed over the years, they have released the conclusions that fall short of what it should have revealed.  Nevertheless, it is worth reading the related post they published on SEOmozBlog.

The real value is found with Cheasyy Solution blog article which reveals that have neglected to take advantage of their massive database confirm what we know about reaching the search engine top results for having done it.

The three most effective steps to the top search results:

  1. Register a .com domain name with your keywords in it;
  2. Include your keywords in the title tag.;
  3. Get lots of links from unique domains.


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How To Quickly Go From Little Or No Clients To A FULL Practice

Are you just starting out, wanting to ramp up
your business a bit more? Get some additional re-venues
coming in, consistently? You’re not the only one.

In fact, there are lots of entrepreneurs out there looking
for solid marketing strategies, to get more clients and make
more, just like you. You want some direct coaching from the
best – not just from a book. Without it, you don’t have as
much accountability, you’re not implementing what you’re
learning fast enough, you’re getting overwhelmed and

Well, there’s actually a solution for that.

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is
hosting a no-charge 90-minute content-filled coaching call
where she’ll share her proven system for attracting ALL the
clients you need and want.

Here’s the link to sign up:

It’s all happening Wednesday November 4th at 8pm EST. To join
me for this one-time-only call, just register below and
you’ll get details right away.

Will you join me? I can’t wait to see what she shares (she
always gives so much):


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