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Done-For-You Advertising For Partners

For immediate release: To all our partners

After no less than 53 productive campaigns today, we have become so successful at producing results with Bing Ads that we are now offering to all current partners the incredible opportunity to have us invest our own resources into the advertising of your Internet business.

  • For $100 we will purchase $200 of PPC ads on Bing (twice your investment);
  • For $150 we will purchase $450 of PPC ads on Bing (three times your investment);
  • For $200 we will purchase $800 of PPC ads on Bing (four times your investment)

Additionally, we will perform the production and the management of this service at no cost to you:

  • We will research to select the most productive keywords for your offers;
  • We will create and “fine tune” the advertising messages;
  • We will set up the tracking and reporting;
  • We will leave you with your Bing Ads account and all campaign data for you to take over if you desire or keep managing the advertising for you if you prefer.

This offer is exclusively available to our Internet Business Partners because we get great returns on our investments through our profit sharing agreement. The reason we offer this amazing opportunity is that it is very profitable for us because it is even more profitable for you.

Here is an example of results we have achieved in the first weeks of 2014:

 Initial Investment Monthly charges  Monthly Return
 Partner  $200  $200 $2,970
 Us  $925 $275  $990

Please note that result may differ for you as every business is different and every market has a different potential for rapid growth. All considering it is a golden opportunity requiring a small investment for a good prospect of a greater regular income.

We also provide adverting management and support for targeting other audiences such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and other networks. Contact us for more information.


The Power of Bing Ads

Bing Ads today also control Yahoo Ads. According to comScore as of December 2013, Bing and Yahoo together  process for 29% of all searches on the Internet from US locations. In numbers this represents roughly 5 billion searches per month.

Bing will impose much less restrictions on the landing pages linked to your ad than Google as far as it’s not promoting something illegal.

If you know what you are doing, search engines is where you can get the most targeted traffic and the higher rate of conversion to sales. The problem is the only way you will know for sure of what works is by doing tests yourself and that can get very costly. That is why you should start by learning from the best professional possible.

You can learn all the strategic details about Bing Ads, including inside tricks and expert advice with the “look over my shoulder while I explain what I do” training by Armand Morin. He dedicates a whole 90 minute session exclusively to Bing Ads placing. This session is only one of the 12 sessions totaling 18 hours of top gun training about Paid advertising traffic called Traffic WebCamp. Forget about SEO and free advertising because it is time consuming and mostly a waste of time. Believe me you want to pay good money to a reliable source and get more sales. It doesn’t have to be a fortune but as a rule of thumb, paying $1 for a $5, $10 or $20 sales increase is good. Right?

Armand also covers 4 different ways to advertise profitably on Facebook, YouTube video traffic, Article marketing, Pay Per View (PPV), Retargeting, and even Mobile marketing. You are not convinced Armand delivers the best practical and fun to watch training? Well you can watch the complete next training webcamp for free if you register and watch it live on WebCamp website

You are smart and keen on making the right business decisions? You will want to subscribe right away to the monthly membership and gain access to all the webcamps already available:

What subject will the next WebCamp training cover in outstanding detail?

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