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The Power Of Unique Content

The content you publish on your Internet site or blog is analyzes by Google and given a “originality mark” and duplicate content is given a mark of zero. Not good!

Duplicate content refers to important blocks of text within multiple websites that either completely match other content or are very similar. To best serve its “customers” Google wants the top ten search results to display links to different information.  It is to the advantage of original writer of the content and the Google searchers.

How can you make sure your content is not “very similar” to something  else on the internet? Use CopyScape which specializes in making it easy to find copies of content on the Web.  Go to, simply type in the address of your web page, and Copyscape finds sites that have content considered as “copies”.

When Google considers your content is all original, it will rank you better in the search results and you will get a larger audience. As simple as that.


Thursday, September 10th, 2009

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Erna Bishoff
April 30, 2010

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Claude LaBadie
May 10, 2010

Hello Erna,

First I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog.

I also wanted to learn about you and you business and I went to your site

Unfortunately your site wasn’t operational at the time.
I have an activated carbon filter myself at home and I only drink water that went through it so it taste pure water.

May I offer you my help for solving any problem you have with your site or your email?
I will be glad to give you free advice and help you get in business.
Otherwise I would appreciate if you could inform me when your site is up so I can visit and maybe leave a comment if it allows it.

Kind regards.

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