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How We Quadrupled Her Sales in 7 Days

Last December, Dany, one of our partners, needed to seriously increase the revenue coming from her website. It had to be done fast and at minimum cost because she was just fired from her job, had very little savings and had a family with 3 kids, a house, 2 cars and other expenses to cover for. Her site, was already earning over an average of $1,200 USD per month for her. Let me tell you the situation called for fast results.

I just had the opportunity to improve my expertise in online advertising in the beginning of the month with my favorite trainer’s new WebCamp on targreted traffic. It’s 18 hours of 90 minute videos packed with in depth and comprehensive how to training sessions on the most efficient paid advertising strategies you can find. He tells you all about how he does it, what he uses and why.

Using one of  these traffic strategy as a model, we designed the advertising material and started testing for a low $10 a day on FaceBook. It took 5 days of tweaking the ads, their placement and the advertising budget until we could reach a result of $186 per day which stabilized to an average of $162 per day. Since then sales are averaging $4,853 of sales per month. Personally, I think what is mostly impressive regarding these results is that it required only 8 days and setting an advertising budget of roughly $300 per month.

Happily, Dany sent a letter of thanks to her previous boss for pushing her into “financial independence”. Se is also planning to take her Internet business to the next level in the near future.

I have to thank Armand Morin, my favorite source of comprehensive, to-the-point unique training sessions, for allowing the reaching of these astonishing results in a shorter period than we ever could. His informational videos are also fun to watch. Once you have experienced them you can’t find enough of them. Don’t take my word for it go see for yourself at and yes, this is an affiliate link and I will be paid a commission when you buy from him. And you know what? You will soon do the exact same thing because it is a kind and honest thing to do.

Take your life in your how hands and steer it where you want.

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