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Partnership offers

Done-For-You Advertising For Partners

For immediate release: To all our partners

After no less than 53 productive campaigns today, we have become so successful at producing results with Bing Ads that we are now offering to all current partners the incredible opportunity to have us invest our own resources into the advertising of your Internet business.

  • For $100 we will purchase $200 of PPC ads on Bing (twice your investment);
  • For $150 we will purchase $450 of PPC ads on Bing (three times your investment);
  • For $200 we will purchase $800 of PPC ads on Bing (four times your investment)

Additionally, we will perform the production and the management of this service at no cost to you:

  • We will research to select the most productive keywords for your offers;
  • We will create and “fine tune” the advertising messages;
  • We will set up the tracking and reporting;
  • We will leave you with your Bing Ads account and all campaign data for you to take over if you desire or keep managing the advertising for you if you prefer.

This offer is exclusively available to our Internet Business Partners because we get great returns on our investments through our profit sharing agreement. The reason we offer this amazing opportunity is that it is very profitable for us because it is even more profitable for you.

Here is an example of results we have achieved in the first weeks of 2014:

 Initial Investment Monthly charges  Monthly Return
 Partner  $200  $200 $2,970
 Us  $925 $275  $990

Please note that result may differ for you as every business is different and every market has a different potential for rapid growth. All considering it is a golden opportunity requiring a small investment for a good prospect of a greater regular income.

We also provide adverting management and support for targeting other audiences such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and other networks. Contact us for more information.


Help Needed

Would you like to learn how to do business on the Internet and make some money in the process?

Could you help me research information, write small texts and communicate with like-minded people on my behalf?

You could also get the opportunity to own your very own business you can operate from home.

I am looking for people to help looking over a number of our sites and I am more than willing to give away a large share of the revenues to the helping hand.

If you any of the following sites strikes your interest please contact me using the contact form

YouTube Video Sites Generator

Rodeo Tour Guide

Country Guitar Lesson

Fans Of The Secret

Sweet Divorce

Home Renewable Energy Efficiency

Warcraft Videos Live

Free Murder Mystery Party

Extreme Vacation Packages

AdCenter Advertising Training And Support

China Export & Import Opportunities

Electronic Commerce Expert Resources and Advice

Video Games Directory

Here is your chance to be shown the ropes and partner with a successful and openly sharing professional.

Don’t miss on it! Contact me now!


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What Is Better Than A Get-Rich-Quick Promise?


Our “Make 10 Times Your Investment In 365 Days Or We Buy You Back” Guarantee!

Insane? Not at all. Our formula works so well that we know we can’t lose. If for some reason your are too busy (or lazy) to do your part in our partnership, our work will still have bear it’s fruits. While the businesses grow much faster when our partners do their part, our promotion systems keep the value of the website climbing. After a year we know from experience it is worth at the very least five times the kick-start investment paid so it’s a deal for us to buy it back for one fifth of its value. Get it?

We do not offer Get-Rich-Quick schemes, we only provide no risk, sure shots!

To learn more about our partnership offer read the Make Money While You Sleep post and the About Claude LaBadie page.

To all I wish a happy, healthy and abundant year 2010.

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